26th international pig
veterinary society congress

From June 21st to 24th

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An invisible but present enemy in almost all pig farms. Learn more about it with the full brochure information.

The only intradermal vaccine against L. intracellularis. Learn more about it with the full brochure information.

The first injectable vaccine in Europe to control L. intracellularis. Learn more about it with the full brochure information.

The most innovative device family with the IDAL 3G+ goes hand in hand with widest vaccine portfolio developed for ID administration.

The IPVS Abstract book. With abstracts of all papers, poster presentations, and everything related to the symposium.

MSD Animal Health Swine in the event

  • Animal well-being brings us together. The dream of a more sustainable tomorrow inspires us all to be better every day. Let’s learn more about solutions that can bring us closer to these objectives during the IPVS 2022.
  • Also, as a company focused on preserving and improving the health, well-being and performance of swine, we will be excited to share a wealth of data across our innovative portfolio of vaccines, health management solutions, and value-added services.


Spaces and topics

MSD Animal Health’s booth at IPVS 2022, is celebrating the concepts of Sustainability and Resource efficiency.

We belive the change towards a more sustainable world begins with our own actions, by embracing these concepts MSD Animal Health has conceived and created a booth that can be reused in other areas of life.
Once the event is over, the booth structure will be donated to a local charity, helping to contribute to it’s

In addition, our booth is made for all attendees can spend a relaxed time with us.

For this purpose, the booth has been divided into 4 different areas:



A place dedicated to our InstestiPig portfolio. Here you can find information about our different solutions for your pigs’ health through our informative displays and interact with our team of advisors.



The central zone. It is a dynamic space where you can relax and talk to our team or have a coffee.



This is the interactive space. YTry your luck and win a prize from our claw machine or learn how we can all be a little more sustainable.



Our IDAL zone. Here is where you will find our IDAL devices (Mono and Twin), learn all about the functions of the devices and even interact with them, via our piglet vaccinator model. Come and handle the devices and see how easy vaccination can be with IDAL.

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Satellite Symposium


Can agriculture save the planet?

This session will explore the critical impact of agriculture on the planet, but also the essential role food plays in creating a healthier, more sustainable future. If we are successful in closing the gap between consumers and producers, agriculture just might save the planet.

> Visit his web Futurity Food

Wednesday June 22nd at 17:00

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