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Porceptal keeps the breeding herd on schedule

Porceptal synchronises ovulation to allow a single, fixed-time insemination (FTI), reducing the time and cost involved in heat-checking sows multiple times.

Porceptal Induces Ovulation

In formulating Porceptal, MSD Animal Health evaluated the process veterinary surgeons and producers face with every oestrous cycle. As a result, Porceptal helps time a sow’s ovulation, allowing a single AI dose at a fixed time.

This improves the efficiency of boar semen delivery and inseminator visits, allowing greater uniformity of each litter. Porceptal also achieves a comparable reproductive performance to traditional reproductive management methods.

Porceptal helps reduce non-productive sow days (NPDs), thereby increasing herd productivity and making batch system management easier.

Porceptal is used as a single treatment in sows following weaning. In gilts, it is teamed with Regumate. The gilt protocol starts with Regumate, which is used to synchronise oestrus, followed by Porceptal to synchronise ovulation.

Porceptal triggers ovulation 38 hours after being administered. Fertility is at its optimum level in the eight-hour period between insemination and ovulation, so AI can be scheduled specifically 30 to 33 hours after Porceptal is given to coincide with the most fertile period.


To induce ovulation and allow easier management of batch systems by knowing ideal insemination times.

Porceptal® triggers the release of luteinizing hormone (LH), inducing and synchronizing ovulation in order to use a single FTI protocol.