Welcome to the Swine Veterinary Knowledge section. You will be able to access technical content and specific training for professionals in the pig sector: seminars, articles and other content that you will not find anywhere else.

It is another small contribution of MSD Animal Health to the continuing education of veterinarians.

ReproPig Continuous Training

Reproduction is the farm’s engine since any disorder in its operation affects the general performance. So we must be updated to “pamper” that engine. Here you can find a compendium of technical articles about swine reproduction from recognized experts.

ASF Talks

ASF Talks

This is the greatest threat that the global pig industry is facing. Stay tuned for the most updated information about this spreading infectious disease from world experts and listen to their perspective on managing the challenges.

Flash Training

The gut is the first line of health, so it makes sense to be in the know. The IntestiPig Training is an in-depth training program that deeps dive on subjects that fall under “intestinal health”, presented by leading international experts of swine industry.