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Precise Planning of Farrowing with Planate®

Planate controls the timing of farrowing.

Planate Induces Farrowing

Without Planate, 60% of farrowings occur at night. In most pig units, daytime farrowing is preferable, being easier to manage and more efficient for the business.

With Planate, 100% of farrowings can occur during regular daytime working hours. If Planate is administered between 8 – 10am, farrowing occurs between 8am – 5pm the following day.

Planate has assisted over three million farrowings worldwide.

Increased control of farrowing reduces the number of stillborn piglets (0.5-0.8 per farrowing) and increases the survival rate of new born piglets. It shortens the required stay in the farrowing pen and allows piglets to be weaned at the same time, maximising the AIAO management system.

Planate also helps the complete discharge of placental membranes and tissues postfarrowing, with sows exhibiting better reproductive behaviour post-farrowing and less “returns to oestrus”.


of Planate

  • Planned preparation of farrowing pens.
  • Convenient monitoring of farrowing pens during daytime working hours.
  • Elimination of problems caused by large and delayed litters.
Hypothalamus. Anterior Ptuitry. Ovaries

A single injection of Planate® can induce farrowing after 24 ± 5h, allowing farrowing synchronisation and improved batch management and use of farms facilities.