Tips on Communication

Vincent ter Beek

Our host, Rebecca Rivara: Regional Director EURAM at MSD Animal Health, talks with Vincent ter Beek: Editor of Pig Progress at Misset about how does the swine industry communicate to consumers.

Mr. ter Beek works for Pig Progress (Misset) as editor of the magazine and website since 2007. Being an agricultural ‘immigrant’, he quickly learnt his way in the pig industry. Still, he is able to observe the pig industry from a different angle. Do we succeed on touching consumers’ heart? Has anything changed since the Covid-19 pandemic in our public image? Listen to Mr. ter Beek reflexions on this relevant topic.

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Vincent ter Beek

Editor-in-chief of Pig Progress with Misset. Graduated from the University of Groningen in 2001, he holds an MA in History and Journalism. Postgraduate in Newspaper Journalism from Harlow College. Nominated for the Agricultural Journalism Awards 2019 and awarded the ASBPE Young Leaders Scholarship by the American Society of Business Publication Editors (2007).