Tips on ZnO

John Haugegaard

Our host, Rubén del Pozo, Technical Associate Director EURAM at MSD Animal Health, talks with John Haugegaard, a Danish pig veterinarian at Øvet and head of Danish Pig Veterinarian Society. They talk about current situation of post-weaning diarrheas since the banning of zinc oxide in Denmark.

John explains the main challenges that EU producers and vets are facing nowadays: antimicrobial usage restrictions, bacterial resistances, ZnO removal, unsolved infections, etc. The Danish experience on removing antibiotics as food promoters as well as on banning ZnO, allows him to have some relevant data on what is going on with diarrheas after piglets’ weaning. Should we start preparing the piglets before weaning? Or even the sows? Should we stop for a while, learn from nature and try to bring something into it? For example, delaying the weaning age? Are there any efficient alternatives to ZnO? Listen to John Haugegaard words about this critical stage on piglet’s life.

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John Haugegaard

Pig veterinarian at Øvet. Head of Danish Pig Veterinarian Society. Board member of the Danish Veterinary Association. Responsible for Business Unit Swine at MSD Animal Health, Denmark. Doctor of veterinary medicine from the University of Copenhagen. Diplomate in European Specialist in Herd Health Management (ECPHM).