Tips on Biosecurity

Dr. Miguel Ángel Higuera

Hosts Jessica Seate and Miquel Colell (Global Technical Director ReproPig & SowCare – MSD Animal Health) discuss the three pillars of biosecurity with Dr. Miguel Ángel Higuera, who represents the Spanish swine industry at a national level.

“The Spanish industry has adopted an intense biosecurity mentality that delivers results”, says Dr. Higuera.

Spain has had no African Swine Fever since 1995 and has boosted production by more than 20% since introducing a national framework of biosecurity standards.

As they look for solutions to the spread of ASF across Europe, Jessica and Miguel Ángel compare the Spanish model with responses elsewhere in the EU.

Member states differ when addressing common problems like the large European wild boar population. As a result of added disruption from COVID-19, Higuera believes that current biosecurity co-ordination is ‘disappointing’.

Effective biosecurity reduces the spread of pathogens, helps manage outbreaks and gives producers some certainty in a crisis.

With investors looking for return on investment in a global market, can the industry be fully productive without it?

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Miguel Ángel Higuera

Miguel Ángel Higuera

Miguel Ángel Higuera is a veterinarian from the Complutense University of Madrid, comes from a family of agricultural and livestock tradition from Cantimpalos (Segovia) and specializes in pigs. He is currently the director of the National Association of Pig Producers (ANPROGAPOR). He was unanimously re-elected as President of the Cogeca Cup group representing ASAJA.