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Dr. Héctor Argüello

Intestinal flora? There are no flowers in the gut!

Our host, Rubén del Pozo, Technical Associate Director EURAM – MSD Animal Health talks with Professor Héctor Argüello, Department of Animal Health in University of Leon (ES), about the microbiota and all elements involved in gut health.

Dr. Argüello gives a general review of the intestinal disease pathogenesis and the crucial role played by the microbiota. He also brings light to some confusing terms: Microbiota, Microbiome, intestinal “flora”, desirable bacteria, etc.

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Dr. Héctor Argüello

Dr. Héctor Argüello

Current research topics include hots-pathogen-microbiota interactions in intestinal infectious diseases in pigs, strategies for antimicrobial and ZnO use removal and the study of microbiome-resistome interactions in pig industry. Member of FAO/WHO JEMRA roster of experts period 2018-2022. Member of the FAO Experts committee in control of Salmonella in pork and beef (2015).