Tips on M. hyo

Dr. Dominiek Maes

Our host, Rubén del Pozo, Technical Associate Director EURAM at MSD Animal Health, talks with Dr. Dominiek Maes, Full Professor Porcine Health Management at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ghent University, in Belgium. They discuss about the Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae status in Europe.

Dr. Maes is the most recognized specialists in swine infections worldwide, so he’s one of the best experts on how to deal with M. hyo infections. He lists what are the main challenges from a health perspective for EU pig producers, remarking not only emerging diseases but also legal restrictions and environmental issues. But he but he takes the opportunity to remember the importance that M. hyo continues to have in the health status of our farms and its role in the PRD complex. Is M. hyo a primary or a secondary pathogen in the PRDC? What are the Knowledge gaps that we need to cover in next years to fully understand this bacterium? Don’t miss the opportunity to hear the wise words of one of the best veterinary professors in the world.

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Dr. Dominiek Maes

Board member of PROVAXS. Full professor of Swine Medicine and head of the Porcine Health Management at the Ghent University. Master’s degree in veterinary medicine, animal reproduction and PhD in philosophy and veterinary sciences from the University of Ghent. Master’s degree in Herd Health and Veterinary Epidemiology from the University of Utrecht. Post-Doc Quality Assurance Programs in the Pork Production Chain at the Minnesota State University.