Tips on Neuroscience

Alberto Moriana

Our host, Alex Carvalho, Global Marketing Director Swine at MSD Animal Health, talks with Alberto Moriana, former Senior Vice President Pacifico markets and head of Sales Latinoamerica at Procter&Gamble. They discuss about habits and behavior of shoppers in Latam.

Mr. Moriana has been living in Panama for many years. He is a passionate reader of Neuroscience books, so he deeply knows how the people take decisions when buying at the stores. Which segment of population is growing faster? How do they buy? Where do they usually do it? What are the main drivers for them when shopping? He also gives us his vision on the commercial future of the countries in that region.

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Alberto Moriana

Senior Vice President Pacifico markets (Chile, Peru, and Colombia) and head of Sales Latin America at Procter & Gamble. Graduated in Economics in Madrid. Specialized at building high level relationships with major retailers, analyzing grocery retail trends, developing grocery retail strategies, and applying cognitive science learnings to business and companies.