Animal welfare (+ intradermal vaccination)

Gonzalo Mena, Deputy manager of swine health, Agrosuper (Chile)

Technological innovation allow us to gradually improve our operational procedures, and also our pigs’ welfare and health.

IDAL needle-free injection system

Advantages of needle-free injection technology:

More animal-friendly.

More animal-friendly.

Not a vector for infections between the vaccinated pigs

Not a vector for infections between the vaccinated pigs.

IDAL system is a digital instrument that provides valuable information to improve and efficiently control the vaccination process.

In a trial performed by our Research and Development Department, there were no statistically significant differences in the group of animals with a traditional vaccination VS IDAL system on:

  • Feed conversion ratio.
  • Daily weight gain.
  • Animal losses.

Moreover, specialists in animal welfare resolved that the vocalizations of the pigs vaccinated with the needle-free system were significantly lower; so, there was a benefit with respect to animal welfare.

For Dr. Mena, with IDAL system there are two important benefits in comparison to traditional vaccination:

Accurate control of the number of vaccinations carried out:

  • Records the number of doses administered by each injection equipment.
  • Can determine the drop in the inventory, either in the weaning and/or the fattening quarters.

This information is basic because we avoid the problems with the inventory or bad vaccinations.

A quicker and more efficient process:

  • 30% quicker and more efficient than traditional multidose syringes..