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The ESPHM Abstract book

The ESPHM Abstract book. With abstracts of all papers, poster presentations, and everything related to the symposium.


MSD Animal Health Swine in the event

Our company is committed to managing swine health on the farm to contribute to a sustainable global food supply and as well to the environment.

Healthier animals are more productive, use less resources, and therefore reduce their impact on the environment. We bring value to consumers through our differentiated innovative health solutions and on-farm technologies that raise top-quality pics.

As a leading biopharmaceutical and technology solutions company, we are shaping the future of animal health and well-being by pioneering science, technology and insights-driven solutions. We offer veterinarians, farmers, producers, and governments a wide range of veterinary medicines, vaccines and health management solutions. and services, as well as an extensive suite of connected technology that includes identification, traceability and monitoring products to improve the health and well-being of the pigs.

We are committed to bringing the latest technologies to our research efforts and are focused on advancing veterinary medicine through innovative solutions for the swine industry.

Our futuristic booth at ESPHM 2023 showed our latest solutions and services, including The IDAL Way, a needle-free intradermal vaccination system, and LeeO, a technology system for individual pig tracking.

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At the event

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Msd Animal health booth

Those who visited our booth at ESPHM’23 enjoyed an innovative experience that generated positive surprises, interests, and engagement. We believe that the future needs to be tangible and experienceable, to be understandable. MSD Animal Health showed:

The IDAL Way: Needle-free intradermal
LeeO : Individual pig tracking system
And all the MSD Animal Health’s progress
towards intelligence & innovation
Everything under our Sustainable vision:
social, economic, and environmental.
#swinehealth #esphm2023