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20 years fulfilling your needs, and the needs of your pigs

Needle-free and intradermal application of vaccines is the most advanced method for vaccinating pigs today. The ergonomically designed, reliable and easy-to-use IDAL® device makes vaccination safe and less stressful for people and pigs, while ensuring efficacy at the same time. Together with the broadest range of specifically formulated intradermal vaccines:

Porcilis® Lawsonia ID ,Porcilis® PCV ID, Porcilis® M Hyo ID ONCE, Porcilis® PRRS, Prime Pac® PRRS and Porcilis® Begonia IDAL – The IDAL® Way is an important step forward in controlling major diseases affectingpig operations worldwide.



Less pain and stress for pigs.


No needle injuries for the user. The trigger avoids involuntary vaccinations.


Reduced risk for iatrogenic transmission of pathogens between pigs.


Reduced tissue damage and no broken needles in the carcass.


Quick, effective immune response (at least as good as with IM vaccination).


The injected volume of an ID vaccination is 10% of that of an intramuscular injection dose and the distribution of the vaccine is limited to the skin.


Porcilis® Lawsonia ID mixable with PCV ID. Concurrent use with Porcilis® M hyo ID ONCE or Porcilis® PRRS with the IDAL 3G+ Twin1

1 Horsington J.; Witvliet M.; Jacobs, A.A.C.; Segers, R.P.A.M. Efficacy of Simultaneous Intradermal Vaccination of Swine against Porcine Circovirus 2, Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus, Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and Lawsonia intracellularis. Animals 2021, 11, 2225.

20 years of innovation:
IDAL 3G+ Added Features

Haptic Feedback

Flashing lights are a good warning system but only if you pay attention to them. Like the vibrating option of your cell phone, IDAL sends you warnings in a way that you are sure not to miss and allows you to keep your eyes fixed on what matters while vaccinating: the pigs.

Low Vaccine Warning

When vaccine levels are low, the device will warn you to replace vial.

Language Choice Option

English, Spanish, German, Vietnamse, Portuguese and more…

Multiple sessions

Now each time you insert the battery into IDAL, you are asked if you want to start a new session. This means you can have as many sessions as you’d like within a day. Multiple vaccinations for your farm? No problem.

Better intuitive user interface

A face lift of the menu and communication items that improves the IDAL usability. More intuitive user interface – press a button, choose an option. It’s that easy.

Improved messaging system

IDAL gives you more feedback on what it’s doing, so you don’t need to guess.

20 years of history:
IDAL Evolution

20 years protecting millions of piglets around the World

  • Extensive network of state of the art service centers.
  • More than 9,000 IDAL devices already offering safe and welfare-friendly vaccination options worldwide
  • Hundreds of millions of ID vaccine doses administered.

20 years and the broadest range of intradermal vaccines

Porcilis® Lawsonia ID

Mixable with Porcilis PCV ID. Concurrent use with Porcilis PCV ID mixed with Porcilis Lawsonia ID or alone in a device such as IDAL 3G+ Twin.

Porcilis® PRRS

Concurrent use with Porcilis PCV ID mixed with Porcilis Lawsonia ID or alone in a device such as IDAL 3G+ Twin.

Porcilis® PCV ID

Subunit vaccine against PCV2 infection for intradermal use with an ID device.

Prime Pac® PRRS

Porcilis® M Hyo ID Once

Mixable with Porcilis PCV ID. Concurrent use with Porcilis PCV ID mixed with Porcilis Lawsonia ID or alone in a device such as IDAL 3G+ Twin.

Porcilis® Begonia IDAL

Designed for safe and efficient vaccination

Connect IDAL to a Smartphone or Tablet by Bluetooth and start tracking your farm.


IDAL allows you to immediately get the vaccination process information by Bluetooth: both number of given and remaining doses, date and time of administration, type of vaccine used, etc.

Thus, at all times you have a record of all details of vaccinations and, in case of need, you may know exactly with what, how much and when have your pigs been vaccinated.


Large numbers of pigs can be vaccinated at once reducing labour.

Easy maintenance and cleaning before/after each session.

Long-lasting batteries.

Multiple injection site locations.

Safety features included.


Scientifically proven efficacy and safety.

Ensures the proper dose every time.

Alerts when the vaccine vial is empty.

Use & Maintenance
of the device

The real breakthrough in intradermal vaccination.

The future is needle-free and the future is now.