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Oestrus Synchronisation with Regumate®

Regumate – the ultimate control of oestrous synchronisation.

The oestrus cycle consists of two phases following each other at fixed intervals – the follicular phase and the luteal phase. The swine oestrus cycle lasts 18-24 days with an average duration of 21 days. The follicular phase ends with oestrus and ovulation, beginning the luteal phase.

Regumate is an oral solution containing a synthetic progesterone analogue, altrenogest (0.4%).

Porceptal is used as a single treatment in sows following weaning. In gilts, it is teamed with Regumate. The gilt protocol starts with Regumate, which is used to synchronise oestrus, followed by Porceptal to synchronise ovulation.

of Regumate

  • Bringing gilts and weaned sows into oestrus together. Ideal for strict All-In.
  • Increased percentage of successfully introduced gilts through well-planned oestrus stimulation of gilt groups.
  • Improved oestrus and fertilisation management due to increased ovulation and subsequent pregnancy rates.
  • Increased number of piglets born in the first litter.

To allow the oestrus synchronisation of a batch of gilts mimicking the effect of natural rogesterone.